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my life

The First Photos

I started to take photography classes in 5th grade, where we learned how to roll our own film and develop black and white photos in the darkroom.


College Years + Teaching

I received a BFA in Sound Design with a minor in Entrepreneurial Studies from Emerson College.

I wanted to be a music producer in college and my claim to fame is a song I produced for a Lifetime Original Movie, albeit made it as the credit roll song. I still love writing and producing songs but I just do it in my free time now.

In the summers during college I taught photography at my high school’s summer session. The school also assigned me as an assistant tennis coach - lord knows why!

Los Angeles

I wanted a change from the east coast, and I got it. LA, in my opinion, is a 180 degree difference from the east coast. I moved out there to pursue photography. For the first six months I was an office manager at a music school, all the time working part time shooting photos.

When I stopped that job, I went on to try photo full time and ended up working at a couple photo booth companies.




With the photo booth company, MirMir, I got the opportunity to travel to Italy to shoot a wedding, though NDA’s prevent me from saying anything more than that.

2015 - Perfect Attendance

A personal video project I started because of my curiosity about how creatives got to where they are. The main idea was to highlight people who “show up every day” to life.

2017 - Freelance Life

After working with MirMir for two years, I went full-time freelance after my last gig at the Aria NYE party in Las Vegas.

Through being freelance I’ve been able to work on fulfilling projects with agencies that I love.

Aria NYE Party, Las Vegas

Aria NYE Party, Las Vegas

The “Blake” Chair

The “Blake” Chair

2018 - Furniture Design

I decided I needed an outlet in something creative other than photography and started incorporating design into my weekly activities. I’ve found that it’s something that greatly relaxing and rewarding.

2019 - Road Trip

My fiancée and I moved to Boston but decided to road trip out way across the US with our two cats, Lego and Milo. The trip took 9 days total.

Here’s our route:

Las Vegas > Grand Canyon > Moab > Denver > Omaha > Chicago > Niagara Falls > Vermont > Boston